Ice or the absence of ice dominates all life in the ARCTIC. Ice comes as a frozen ocean and is a supplier for the whole food chain.

Now global warming and other human interference with ecosystems have brought new threats to the ice sheet and all that rely on it.
Animals and birds migrate, fish stocks dwindle, biodiversity is lost, waters warm up and grow polluted due to human activity. It becomes evident that no solution to arctic waters could be found without addressing the degradation of the great rivers that drain into it, Ob, Yenissei, Lena, Mackenzie. These fresh water bodies are highly exposed to urban development, industrialization, resource exploration and exploitation, shipping.
As a predator, the POLAR BEAR stands on the top of the arctic food chain and is highly exposed to chemical pollution. The decline of marine ecosystems, worse their ecological collapse is on his way.
As environment is not just an object of study, but also a space to share between man and wildlife, the need to cultivate ecological values and develop an ecological consciousness is becoming more and more urgent.
BEAR FRIENDS, like polar pilgrims, think there is also the need for generating practical initiatives, supporting on-going efforts and the application of lessons learned from the past.
One of the aims of BEAR FRIENDS is to develop ethical codes of conduct for human behavior and environmental action. We know about the tipping points, and yet we ignore the warnings.
Not only the POLAR BEARS, also the future of people is threatened by the loss of the precious ice and his reflective whiteness. Man must work in harmony with his environment if the Arctic is to be safeguarded.


BEAR FRIENDS: The Stewart (BC) Bear Interpretation and Information Center

North Western British Columbia and Alaska are prime bear country!
STEWART (BC) and HYDER (AK) attract 35000 visitors a year: the bears, the salmons and the bald eagles are the main reasons for tourist to stop here.
Both the GRIZZLY and the BLACK bear are at home here, and the rare Kermodeii Bear is sometimes seen along the highway. These beautiful animals deserve our respect and protection.
As a part time resident of STEWART, I know the beauty and the fragility of the "giants of the north" and their ecosystem.
This is my comitment: "protecting the bears through Education and Conservation".
To do so, BEAR FRIENDS plan to open "The Stewart Bear Interpretation and Information Center".
This center is intended to give visitors information on bear behaviour, how to avoid confrontations with bears, and accurate data on populations and ecosystem, through displays, movies, lectures, books, posters.
GET INVOLVED: to reach our goal, we have to rase funds, and need labor to run the center through the summer season. Contact me at jl.imbs@laposte.net
Jean-Louis IMBS, founder of THE BEAR FRIENDS.



Kermodeii bear (British Columbia) @Jean-Louis IMBS
The mission of BEAR FRIENDS is to connect people and bears through education and conservation . BEAR FRIENDS promotes the beauty and the fragility of bears, inspiring conservation of bears and their ecosystem.

Over the last 100 years, human activities have harmed fragile ecosystems like the arctic pack ice and the boreal forest, which are home for the polar bear, the brown and the black bear.

The need for our continuing work to benefit the bears and their habitats is growing in a rapid pace. With your help we can join together in a growing educational and conservation partnership.

BEAR FRIENDS plans the opening in STEWART British Columbia of a BEAR INTERPRETATION AND INFORMATION CENTER. Visitors will get information on bear behaviour, how to avoid confrontations, accurate data on populations and ecosystem.
Field work will be completed, thus helping a better understanding of bear ecology .

POLAR BEARS are under particular stress: the ice sheet is melting, making the access to food more difficult. Chemical pollution has already impacted bears fertility. Hunting is still an option in many countries.
BEAR FRIENDS will extend its work in Sub-Arctic and Arctic regions through Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia.
BEAR FRIENDS will be on a “road show” through these territories, lecturing in schools, community halls, and other places where people will take benefit of a better knowledge on bears and their ecosystems.

BEAR FRIENDS programs are designed to engage adults and children in the process of learning through lectures in schools, communities, editing books, CD’s, DVD’s, and field investigations.

If you are interested in participating in these programs and learn more about BEARS, please contact us directly jl.imbs@laposte.net